The beautifully hard, heat resistant, elegant stone.

Block of granite from quarry

Quartzite Countertops

The interlocking crystalline structure of quartzite makes it a hard, tough, durable rock that creates a very abrasion resistant countertop. Quartzite resembles marble with its variegated patterns.  It is a popular choice from professional kitchen designers in recent years. While quartzite is mostly neutral, minerals such as iron can create hues of copper or reds.  Other minerals impart hues of yellow, orange, brown, green, or blue. Quartzite, like marble and granite, should be sealed once a year to resist stains.

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Polished, Honed, or Leathered?

Classic Marble & Stone offers several finishes for your natural stone surfaces. Polishing, honing, and leathering are the most popular finishes.

Polishing is a very durable finish that creates a bright, reflective shine. The polishing process closes the pores of your stone which makes it more stain resistant. Etching can still occur with polished marble, but it can be re-polished back to that bright shine.

Honing is a process created with abrasives that will leave a smooth, satin-like, matte finish to your stone.

Leathering is a textured finish similar to honing. The leathering process applies a slight shine to your stone and leaves a more natural surface to your granite or marble.

Sealants are an impregnator that work to fill the pores of your natural stone and make it much less likely to stain. Granite and Marble should be resealed annually. Soapstone uses Food Grade Mineral Oil or Stone Enhancer to darken the finish, no sealant is required.

Like all natural stone counter tops and surfaces, each stone slab has slightly different characteristics. Classic Marble & Stone welcomes you to our showroom to select the perfect natural stone slab with the characteristics that you'll love! Our stone inventory is stored indoors where you'll be comfortable year round browsing our selection!