Soapstone maintains easily with your choice of Mineral Oil or Soapstone Enhancer.

Caring for your Soapstone Surface

Care with Mineral Oil

Soapstone is non-porous, so nothing will penetrate the surface.  When liquid is spilled or applied to the surface, the stone darkens due to the light refracted off the stone.  The stone lightens when the substance is removed from the surface either by evaporation or cleaning.  Thus, in order to avoid an inconsistent color or tone, we recommend applying mineral oil to the surface of the stone.  While oiling is done at the homeowners discretion (and often enjoyment), there is no right or wrong way. 

When applying mineral oil (or enhancer) for the first time, a “stone changing experience” will occur!  Instantly the soapstone will turn to a darker color and the characteristics of the soapstone will come to life.  These few simple steps will make the oiling experience easier.

  1. Clean your soapstone and allow to dry.
  2. Only use food grade mineral oil. It is important that the oil is food grade as petroleum based oil could make you sick.  
  3. With a clean dry cloth, apply the oil liberally to the stone, covering all areas evenly.(Yeah, you can cheat and just pour it on!)It will be “oily” to the touch when first applied. Leave the oil on overnight to rest and then with a dry cloth wipe away excess oil. Repeat the process as needed.

Most importantly is the grade of mineral oil.  FDA approved food grade mineral oil will not go rancid as an olive oil would.  It has no odor or taste.  We suggest using our bottled mineral oil.  Otherwise, a heavier grade oil may be found in most drug and grocery stores.

To clean soapstone, simply use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the surface.  More abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Ajax have not shown ill effects due to the soapstone nonporous nature.  In most cases, a milder soap and warm water will be sufficient.

If your soapstone becomes scratched, follow the easy restoration instructions below:

Sanding Scratches

Light scratches will disappear with a direct dab of Mineral Oil.  To permanently remove a deeper scratch, apply medium pressure to the scratched area with an 80 or 120 grit sanding (paper) sponge.  The deeper the scratch, the more sanding will be needed.

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