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Designer Spotlight

By Deborah C. Gerbers, Home Living Magazine, June 1, 2016, page 21

Classic Marble & Stone features in Home Living Magazine

Natural stone is a beautiful option for your home. classic Marble @ Stone owner Mike Sorg has been in the business for 30 years, helping people select the right material for their individual needs. With a large warehouse filled with inventory just minutes from Fort Wayne, customers are able to see the slabs of natural stone they can choose for their homes.

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Focus on the Finish

By Jennifer Blomquist, Business People Magazine, August 1 , 2014

Featured in Business People Magazine, 8-1-16

Mike Sorg believes that when it comes to picking out the finish on a natural stone surface, a picture doesn’t do it justice.

“I highly recommend you come into our shop and look at and touch the different surfaces,” says Sorg, owner of Classic Marble & Stone in Hoagland, Indiana.

“When people come in, we educate them about the different finishes and why they might or might not work for their purposes,” Sorg explains. “But most importantly, we listen to what the customer likes and guide them to something that matches their personality.”

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A Stunning Surface

By Sharon Stroh, Business People Magazine, May 1 , 2014

Featured in Business People Magazine, 5-1-14

The movement toward more natural stone surfaces for kitchen countertops began in the late 80s when laminate was king and outselling simple wood countertops at tremendous rates. However, today’s kitchens are used for more than just cooking and preparing food; they are a living room, dining area, entertainment center, homework space and craft room all rolled into one. The many functions of this room call for a countertop that can accommodate all this and more. It seems like a tall order for one surface, but there are a few products that are up to the challenge.

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Grow into Business

By Sharon Stroh, Business People Magazine, May 1, 2014

Featured in Business People Magazine, 5-1-14

Classic Marble and Stone has been in business for over 30 years, and is located in Hoagland. It employs over 20 people whose titles range from stone craftsmen to design specialists. Owner Mike Sorg does the purchasing of the product himself, selecting pieces quarried in Brazil, India, Italy and Norway.  Sorg says that his recent fact-finding trip to Korea and China was fascinating and a visit to South America is on his bucket list.

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Classic Appeal

By Jennifer Bloomquist, Business People Magazine, January 1, 2014

Featured in Business People Magazine, 1-1-14

While the Internet is a popular place to search for stone, Classic Marble & Stone has a mission to teach the facts about the types of stone available.

“The first meeting we have with a potential customer many times is a fact finding mission,” says Mike Sorg, owner and president of Classic Marble & Stone in Hoagland. “Rather than selling to you, we focus on educating you and showing you how our operation works and how we are different than others.”

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