Soapstone maintains easily with your choice of Mineral Oil or Soapstone Enhancer.

Caring for your Soapstone Surface

Care with Mineral Oil

Why should I oil my soapstone?

Food grade Mineral OilSoapstone is non-porous so nothing will penetrate the surface. When liquid is spilled or applied to the surface, the stone darkens due to the light refracted off the stone. The stone lightens when the substance is removed from the surface either by evaporation or cleaning. Thus, in order to avoid an inconsistent color or tone, we recommend applying mineral oil to the surface of the stone. While oiling is done at the homeowners discretion (and often enjoyment), there is no right or wrong way. We have offer a special light-weight formula that applies easier and gets the most coverage

How often should I oil my soapstone?

We recommend oiling the surface with either Mineral Oil or GMS Soapstone Enhancer.  Due to the amount of talc in the slab, the number of time it takes to oil and get an even coat can vary.  Typically, a few coats done during the first few weeks is all that is needed to get a even look.  Some slabs can take several coats before getting the final look you desire.   Oiling or enhancing is simple and is applied after the material clean and dry.  Using a lint free towel,  leave the oil or enhancer on for appx. 20 minutes and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before reapplying.  A thin layer of oil (too light to feel) will keep the stone a consistent shade of dark gray. As the oil evaporates, the stone will lighten letting you know it is time for another oiling. And, most importantly if you never oil it is okay, just expect to see darker spots in areas where you do most of your work (this is not a stain). When you’re tired of the botchy spots, oil it!

The First Oiling

When applying mineral oil for the first time a “stone changing experience” will occur! Instantly the grey soapstone will turn to a dark charcoal color and the characteristics of the soapstone will come to life. Mineral content varies from slab to slab. It may take 3 or more coats to achieve the look you desire.  These few simple steps will make the oiling experience easier.

  • Be sure to wipe the soapstone down with a wet sponge.
  • Only use food grade mineral oil. It is important that the oil is food grade as petroleum based oil could make you sick.
  • With a clean dry cloth apply the oil liberally to the stone, covering all areas evenly. It will be “oily” to the touch when first applied. Give the oil a few minutes to rest and then with a dry cloth wipe away excess oil. Overnight any oily residue left will dry. Your soapstone is now ready for work.
  • Most importantly is the grade of mineral oil. FDA approved food grade mineral oil will not go rancid as an olive oil would. It has no odor or taste. In most cases the thin layer applied to the countertop will dry overnight. We suggest using our bottled mineral oil, otherwise a heavier grade oil may be found in most drug and grocery stores.

Care with Soapstone Enhancer

After a few applications of Enhancer on freshly installed soapstone no further applications should be needed for several months or even years. You can use for some touch ups for scratches.

Soapstone Enhancer provides a low luster finish on soapstone without the continuous reapplication that is required with mineral oil. At the same time not losing the soft, velvet feel of soapstone we all love to touch and work on.

Soapstone EnhancerWhat is soapstone enhancer?

  • Soapstone Enhancer is made from soybean oil, linseed oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and rosemary oil.
  • Soapstone Enhancer is made with food contact safe material. This means it is safe for food to touch or lay on the surface without fear of contamination. 
  • Soapstone Enhancer is made from all natural products and is not a petroleum product.
  • The coats will last for years as long as they are not rubbed or abraded off or some harsh chemical is used to remove it .

Soapstone Enhancer application Instruction

  1. Soapstone Enhancer is a pale white soft paste in the jar. When applied in a thin layer it will be transparent. Because it contains walnut oil, each jar may develop a thin self sealing skin on top of the wax. Simply peel this away and dispose of it.
  2. Rub Enhancer onto the surface with a soft cloth. Allow to set for 15 to 30 minutes, then buff off.
  3. Multiple layers may be applied a day apart from each other.
  4. In sinks made of soapstone please allow wax to dry over night before filling with water.