Beautifully Elegant, Heat Resistant yet naturally Cool stone  making this calcium based stone a great surface for baking with pastries and more.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. But are they durable? Classic Marble & Stone answers that question frequently. Marble is more porous than granite and may require more maintenance. Marble comes in a variety of colors and veining patterns, with the white or grey marbles being the most popular. What draws people to marble is the feel of the stone and the movement the veining create throughout your room. When you select your marble, envision how those veins will flow through your room and make it more interesting!  Honing the finish on marble helps hide acid etching.  Annual sealing of marble is recommended for longer lasting  beauty with less stains.  Wiping stains up immediately is also recommended.

Is marble high maintenance?

Marble is referred to as a living stone meaning it is porous and can discolor with items of color such as red wine or mustard for instance.  The uniqueness and beauty of marble can overcome the maintenance for many.  Keeping the marble sealed annually and cleaned often with warm soap and water will help keep the material looking nice.  This living stone is known to get stains or patina which can fade over time.  Honing the finish is a good way to help avoid acid etching or certainly lesson it.  Dull spots are less likely to be seen on a honed / matte finish service.  Acid etching is caused for acid foods or liquids that can take the polish or sheen away leaving a dull spot.  Again, when the top is honed on the finish taking the polish away from the start, this leaves it will a rich matte finish, lessons any glare from lighting and lessons any acid etching.   Products and techniques to get stains out can be tried and discussed when coming out to Classic Marble & Stone.

Black Marquina Marble

Color Family: Black
Black and charcoal with white veins

Botticino Marble

Color Family: Cream

Carrara Marble

Color Family: White
Italian white and grey

Crema Marfil Marble

Color Family: Cream
Cream with white veins

Daino Reale Marble

Color Family: Cream
Creams and Tans/ Can have coral

Emperador Dark Marble

Color Family: Brown
Dark Brown with white veins

Fantasy Brown Marble

Color Family: Grey
Fantasy Brown is hard marble. It is a dolomite.

Grigio Carnico Marble

Color Family: Grey
Greys and blacks with white

Honed Calacatta Michelangelo Marble

Color Family: White
Whites, greys, gold and green

Honed Calcutta Manhattan Marble

Color Family: Grey
Grey marble with movement of yellow, white, and cream.

Honed Nimbus White Marble

Color Family: White

Honed Super White Marble

Color Family: Grey
Grey and White

Honed White Beauty Marble

Color Family: White
White with greys

Michelangelo Marble

Color Family: Brown
Dark Brown with white and beige

Roman Travertine

Color Family: Cream
Travertine is a filled material and is porous. It is under the marble umbrella for care and maintenance.

Rosso Levanto Marble

Color Family: Red
Burgandy red with white vein

Sky Quartzite

Color Family: Green
Shades of grey-greens-blue and gold

Verde Elegance Marble

Color Family: Green

Walnut Travertine

Color Family: Brown
Walnut Travertine is a darker tan/brown stone that is filled and is porous.

Polished, Honed, or Leathered?

Classic Marble & Stone offers several finishes for your natural stone surfaces. Polishing, honing, and leathering are the most popular finishes.

Polishing is a very durable finish that creates a bright, reflective shine. The polishing process closes the pores of your stone which makes it more stain resistant. Etching can still occur with polished marble, but it can be re-polished back to that bright shine.

Honing is a process created with abrasives that will leave a smooth, satin-like, matte finish to your stone.

Leathering is a textured finish similar to honing. The leathering process applies a slight shine to your stone and leaves a more natural surface to your granite or marble.

Sealants are an impregnator that work to fill the pores of your natural stone and make it much less likely to stain. Granite and Marble should be resealed annually. Soapstone uses Food Grade Mineral Oil or Stone Enhancer to darken the finish, no sealant is required.

Like all natural stone counter tops and surfaces, each stone slab has slightly different characteristics. Classic Marble & Stone welcomes you to our showroom to select the perfect natural stone slab with the characteristics that you'll love! Our stone inventory is stored indoors where you'll be comfortable year round browsing our selection!